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Keywords:New organic silicon、 silicone sealants、door & window and curtain wall accessories
The Company is a professional manufacturer specializing in research & development,
production and sale of adhesives such as new organic silicon materials, silicone sealants, door & window and curtain wall accessories, decorative accessories, and chemical products, etc.
  • General Introduction

    Was established in 1999,
    company get former chemical the morning chemical research, Nanjing university and other institutions many professors, experts support.

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  • Honor

    has passed the ISO9001 , the SGS,TUV company's RoHS, RACH environmental authentication, the American UL silicone rubber solar authentication.

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  • Production Device

    The company has modern equipment to achieve daily production capacity of 20 tons

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  • Testing Device

    Our testing device covers 5 types,such as mechanical capacity testing,electrical performance testing etc. so as to guarantee the quality of our products.

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  • Product

    The company main products for polyurethane adhesive; Build kind of silicone sealant; Solar energy, wind energy, LED light source and so on the new energy industry's new material organic silicon special glue.

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Applied fields of Solar energy special glue :
Applied fields of Solar battery component、Insulation potting of frame and backboard junction box and solar PV module junction box, and potting of miniature inverter, LED power supply and automobile HID controller.
Our customers of Solar energy special glue :
Applied fields of Architectural special glue :
Applied fields of Hollow glass、glass curtain wall、Stone curtain wall、Aluminum curtain wall、Metal structure engineering 、Shop assembly curtain wall 、Door and window installation Etc.

The three categories of sealan... 2017-05-08
The LED waterproof power suppl...
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